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    The Chairperson

    • Date:2014-02-25
    The Chairperson

    Kuo, Chun-Ming


    Date of Birth.

    • 1955

    Work Experience.

    • Chairperson, Taiwan Water Corporation (July 2016 - present)
    • Director, Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) HAKKA
    • Legislator, The Legislative Yuan of the Republic of China (5th&6th-term )
    • Provincial Assemblyman, Taiwan Provincial Assembly (10th-term)
    • Director, Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) Organizing Department
    • Minister, Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) Taichung County Branch
    • Lifeline Volunteer (Consultant)
    • National Outstanding Environment Protection Volunteer(1st-term)
    • Chairperson, Ta-Chia Stream Environment Protection Association(3rd,4th&7th-term )
    • Director-General, Ta-Chia Stream Environment Protection Association(1st&2nd-term )
    • President, Rotary Club
    • President, Yang Te Technologies Co.
    • Engineer, San Kwang Instruments Co.,Ltd

    Current Position.

    • Chairperson, Taiwan Water Corporation

    Educational Background.

    • Bachelor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Cheng Kung University

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