Good water in Taiwan, Good water of the World

      Good water in Taiwan, Good water of the World

      Excellent water treatment capability, Enter the new south bound market

      Taiwan, a beautiful island in eastern Asia, is prosperous, progressive and a great place to live!

      Because this land has excellent quality and plenty of tap water, with the water company deeply appreciated by the world: Taiwan Water Corporation.

      Established in 1974, today the Taiwan Water Corporation has the longest water supply pipeline in the world, the largest water supply population, the largest water production capacity, the most stable daily production of clear water and has the most independent water supply systems.

      Pipeline length exceeds 61,000 km

      Water supply population exceeds 18 million people

      Daily water production capacity exceeds 13 million cubic meters

      Daily clear water supply exceeds 8.7 million cubic meters

      144 independent water supply systems

      Shihmen Reservoir

      Liyutan Water Treatment Plant

      Hushan Water Purification Station

      Penghu Chenggong Water Purification Station

      Flood Period Response Measures

      Shihmen Reservoir Jhong Jhuang Bank-Side Reservoir


      In order to maintain the maximum efficiency of the reservoir, different high turbidity raw water response measures were adopted in all parts of Northern, Central and Southern Taiwan.

      In Northern Taiwan, the Jhong Jhuang Bank-Side Reservoir is set up in the lower reaches of the Shihmen Reservoir. When the water turbidity increases during the typhoon flood season, it can provide about 6.2 days, or about 4.92 million tons of clean water.

      In Central Taiwan, in order to solve the problem of high raw water turbidity problem in the Zhuoshui River of Jiji Weir, the pre-treatment equipment is installed, and the water output can be maintained at 200,000 tons during high turbidity, and by the joint use of the water source Hushan Reservoir, to maintain water supply stability for the Yunlin area.

      In Southern Taiwan, the Nanhua Reservoir has been installed with a dam crest water intake project. When the turbidity exceeds 6,000 NTU, the dam crest water intake facility will be activated to extract water with low turbidity on the water surface. ...