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    Qualitative Objective and Business Strategy

    • Date:2014-12-11

    1.Qualitative Objective
       After analysis, seven management Issues have been proposed.  In order to copy with those issues, this plan has set up five qualitative objectives, of which "activating organization, continue promoting operational effectiveness" is the innovative objective, and the others are the continuous objectives.  In more detail, the most important qualitative objective of “carrying out plenty volume and high quality, enhance the stability of water supply” is discovered to enchance the stability of water supply, protect the raw water quality, and improve water leakage problem. The qualitative objective of “promoting lean services, pursue customer satisfaction” is proposed to promote the company image.  The qualitative objective of “activating organization, continue promoting operational effectiveness” is formulated to activate human resources.  The qualitative objective of “fulfilling energy saving and environmental protection, make resource sustainable” is set to promote sustainable environmental protection.  The qualitative objective of “cutting costs and increasing revenues, improve financial structure” is developed to Improve financial performance. 
    2. Business Strategy
       To achieve our business objectives, we set up 16 business strategies.  The business strategies for each qualitative objective are as follows.

    Qualitative Objective Business Strategy
    Carrying out plenty volume and high quality, enhance the stability of water supply ●Exploiting multiple water resource 
    ●Reducing water leakage 
    ●Setting back-up water pipelines
    ●Expanding and improving the treatment facilities
    ●Strengthening emergency response capabilities 
    ●Enhancing water quality management
    Promoting lean services, pursue customer satisfaction ●Promoting lean service
    ●Promote water resources and environmental education
    ●Increasing tap water popularity rate
    Activating organization, continue promoting operational effectiveness(*) ●Enhancing new southbound policy
    ●Activating human resource
    ●Energizing managerial innovation
    ●Building up informational competitiveness
    Fulfilling energy saving and environmental protection, make resource sustainable ●Accomplishing our green proposition
    Cutting costs and increasing revenues,  improve financial structure ●Increasing revenue
    ●Cutting cost

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