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    Qualitative Objective and business strategies

    • Date:2014-12-11

    Qualitative Objective Business Strategy
    Focusing on the core competence, carry out high quality and plenty volume (1) Exploiting multiple water resource
    (2) EReducing leakage rate
    (3) Promoting back-up capacities
    (4) Strengthening emergency response capabilities
    (5) Enhancing water quality management
    Promoting lean services, move customers from the heart (1) Promoting lean service
    (2) Creating asset of hydrophilic experiences
    (3) Increasing tap water popularity rate
    Cultivating virtues and talent, continue to optimize organization (1) Upgrading management system
    (2) Promoting human capital
    (3) Building up informational competitiveness
    (4) Implementing ethical management
    (5) Reinforcing engineering and program management
    Fulfilling energy saving and environmental protection, make resource sustainable (1) Accomplishing our green proposition
    Cutting costs and increasing revenues, improve financial structure (1) Increasing revenue
    (2) Cutting cost

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