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Let's talk it out! Taiwan Water Corporation holds positive communication seminar to enhance team performance.

Date: 2023/08/22

In today's society, people are juggling between work and family, which puts immense pressure on their physical and mental health. In order to take care of the well-being of its employees, Taiwan Water Corporation held a seminar titled "Employee Assistance Program - Positive Communication Power On! Interpersonal Relationships Up!" on April 27th to share effective ways to enhance team communication and improve organizational effectiveness. The seminar featured case studies and was led by the director of the Cocoon Mental Health Counseling Center, Tan Hui-lan.

Taiwan Water Corporation's CEO, LEE,JIA-RONG, pointed out that in recent years, due to drought and water shortages, the water supply is under great pressure. In addition, Taiwan Water Corporation is committed to improving its service quality by replacing its pipelines and reducing its water leakage rate, while promoting water conservation. Employees work tirelessly, accumulating stress, especially those who are part of the "sandwich generation" with responsibilities for both young and elderly family members. To ease the pressure on its employees, Taiwan Water Corporation formally introduced the "Employee Assistance Program" in 2012, providing EAP counseling services for its employees, actively promoting supportive measures, such as legal counseling, mental health counseling, medical health care, tax and financial consultation, organization management, and related seminars and activities.

Taiwan Water Corporation hopes to create a happy workplace for its employees by implementing EAP mechanisms, helping to meet the needs of employees, managers, and the organization. The company aims to discover and solve problems that affect the work efficiency of employees, create a warm and caring work environment, and foster a positive organizational culture that promotes quality service.

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