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TWC : 1910 Provides 24/7 Customer Support

Date: 2024/02/02

The Taiwan Water Corporation Customer Service Hotline 1910 service is still on 24/7 while TWC offices will be closed during Lunar New Year 2024. Users with any questions, such as water using, bills, reporting water leaking, can get assistance by calling 1910.

TWC General Manager Li Dinglai said, the peak water consumption during the 2024 Lunar New Year is estimated to reach 9.693 million tons per day, an increase of 664,000 tons, or about 7.4%, from the usual 9.029 million tons. In response to the large water supply demand during the Lunar New Year, Taiwan Water has established a Lunar New Year water supply distribution team, which is under the overall command of the first-level supervisor of each unit. An average of about 524 people are on duty every day, with a maximum daily mobilization of 628 people to ensure stable water supply during the Lunar New Year.

TWC provides a variety of convenient payment methods. Users can easily pay through the following methods during the Lunar New Year.
1. By credit card on Taiwan Water Corporation official website.
2. Taiwan Water Corporation APP.
3. Mobile payments:「JKOPay」,「iPASS MONEY」,「TCPASS」,「GAMAPAY」,「PiAPP」,「icash Pay」,「ezPay」,「beePay」,「TaiwanPay」,「Easy Wallet」,「PXPay」 and 「PlusPAY」.
4. At convenience stores:Pay water bill at 7-11, FamilyMart, Hi-Life, OK and Simple Mart. Users without water bills, can print them with KIOSK Machines, like ibon, OK•Go, FamiPort, Life-ET.

Before returning to hometown for reunions, please check the water equipment at home, TWC offices will be open on Feb.15, 2024, said Li.

Ministry of Economic Affairs Taiwan Water Corporation
Spokesman:Vice President Wu, Jing-Wen
Contact Number:04-22244191 Ext.205,Mobile Phone:0934-262835

Business Contact:Director, Dept. of Business Lin, Meng-Zhu
Contact Number:04-22244191 Ext.400,Mobile Phone:0952-402749

TWC : 1910 Provides 24/7 Customer Support TWC : 1910 Provides 24/7 Customer Support
Updateing Date:2024-02-02 09:53