Creating a sustainable water environment

       In recent years, under the threat of extreme climate, the water shortage crisis has become more urgent.  Therefore, the promotion of water resource environmental education is indeed an important part of environmental education in Taiwan. As a state-owned enterprise, Taiwan Water Corporation (TWC) has to not only pursue the sustainable development but also fulfill its social responsibility for environmental sustainability.

        Some of TWC’s water sources and water purification plants are beautiful and conveniently accessible, and have natural ecological parks with historic value, cultural relics of tap water, and historic sites. To fulfill our responsibility as a global citizen, TWC constructed environmental education parks in Shengou in Yilan, Kaohsiung’s Chengcing Lake, Magong in Penghu, Hushan in Yunlin and other places to actively promote water resource environmental education. Under the premise of not polluting the water resources, the ancient relics are being made good use of by combining the featured tap water culture to create an aqua-friendly environment. The aqua-friendly experience education zone is set up to add more leisure elements for passing on a consumption experience with both cultural reflection and water resources education.