drought management

      Taiwan’s average annual water distribution per person is 1/7 of the world average, making it number 18 on the list of countries with water shortage. Taiwan Water Corporation (TWC in short) distributes 8.65 million tons of water to 18 million Taiwanese every day. For the past 40 years, TWC has long been dedicated to ensuring water safety and industrial development. However, the dry spell runs from November to April with the source of water supply often being depleted. Regardless, supply of water is vital and cannot cease. This marathon once begun, can never end. TWC has one goal only: To lower the impact of dry spell on public and industrial usage.


      TWC cooperated with the conclusions of the emergency response work conference held by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Water Resources Agency to conduct the cross-regional distribution of water source, the control of total water withdrawal from reservoirs, the artificial rain-increasing techniques and the maintenance of water supply facility, in response to drought and flood season.

      At present, the light signal of water situation in Taiwan can refer to the website of the Water Resources Agency. TWC has requested all units to draw up a water supply emergency response plan at the end of March.

      12 water supply emergency response drills are performed in April each year, and more than 122 special inspections for water supply equipment will be implemented for the purpose of stable water supply.