Introduction to payment method

    Introduction to Payment Methods

      Payment Methods:

      1.By EFT(Electronic Funds Transfer)

         It is time-saving and convenient for you to pay water fee by EFT with your

         passbook, personal seals and the recent bill receipt at the account-opening

         post office, every financial institution or our local service center.

      2.By Water Fee Deposit Agents

         Before the payment or deposit due date, you can make the payment with the

         payment notice from us at any convenience stores, and financial institutions of

         our signatory payment deposit agents.

      3.Withholding from credit card

         If your credit card bank has started the service for payment withholding from

         credit card, after you complete the application procedure, your water fee for

         every period will be noticed along with MTD credit expenditure by the bank.

      4.By VOX (Voice-Operated Transmission)

         Customers transmit payment information by telephone keystroke to

         automatically withhold payment from his account. At present, Taipei Fubon

         Bank provides this payment service and must apply in advance.

      5.Pay Online

         Our signatory pay-on-internet agent is “e-Bill”, provided on-line payment by

         Web ATM. Other web banking agents such as Taiwan Cooperative Bank, Land

         Bank of Taiwan, Taiwan Business Bank, JihSun Bank, Citi Bank Taiwan, Chang

         Hwa Bank, Hua Nan Bank, E.SUN Bank, Bank of Taiwan, Taipei Fubon Bank,

         Yuanta Bank, First Bank, Cathay United Bank, Taishin International Bank, Bank

         of Kaohsiung, also provide online services for water fee payment.

      6.By ATM

         You may pay the water bill by ATM. The available financial institution for now is

         Land Bank of Taiwan, and only for its debit card.

      7.By mail

         Customers can send cash, sight checks, or postal drafts with a clear indication

         of water numbers and contact methods by registered mail to local service

         center for the payment. We will send the further receipt after verification.

      8.Pay In Person

         Customers can come to our nearby service centers for the payment.

      9.Use KIOSK to print water bill at convenience stores

         You can enter customer number at convenience stores (ibon, OK•Go, FamiPort,

         Life-ET) using KIOSK, then print and pay water bill directly.

      10.Mobile Payment

       (1) You can pay water bill by using mobile payment APPs such as Taiwan Pay,

           JKO Pay, Pi APP, Line pay (ipass) and mobile bank APPs.

       (2) Scan the QR Code displayed on water bill, and it will show details of water

            fee, then click”Credit Card Payment”to complete the payment.

       (3) You can also connect to Taiwan Water Corporation website by mobile, click”

            Online Service”,enter customer number, then pay water bill online with a

            credit card.

      11.Due Date 

       (1) Within payment due date:

             Till the 21st of the month for the payment (the due date on holidays will be

             postponed to the next workday), please bring your bill to every represented

             convenience store, financial institution, Credit Cooperative, Farmer's and

             Fishermen's  Association, and our operation and service centers to make the

             payment, or by the internet, VOX, and your mobile phone.  

       (2) Past payment due date but within deposit due date:

            Till the 21st of the next month after the charging one, please bring your bill

            to every represented convenience store, financial institution, Credit

            Cooperative, Farmer's and Fishermen's Association, and our operation and

            service centers to make the payment, or by the internet, VOX, and your        

            mobile phone. Only that we will accordingly charge you for the late fee in

            combination with the water fee of next period.

      12.Payment Voucher (to claim prize with uniform invoice):      

           The number of carrier recorded on the water bill or payment voucher which is

           the identification code to claim your prize or print winning cloud invoice

           certification copy. In order to protect your rights and interests, please retain it