Telephone Service

    Apply by Phone


      Service description

      Service agent


      If there’s no overdue water fee and stop period not over than 2 year, you can call to restore and the fee will be added in the first period of water fee.




      Local Service Center

      Payment Proof

      Apply for proofs of payment by phone.

      Installation Proof

      Apply for proofs of installation day of water facilities.

      Cancel Direct Debit

      Cancel by phone


      Mailing Address Change

      Please notify us with the customer number or customer address as well as the name, ID number, telephone number and billing address of the consumer so that we will be able to be in your behave of filling up forms.

      If application document by telephone is doubtful or unclear, we may contact the applicant to submit the correct documents as needed; failure to do so will result in a rejection of application.