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Message from Chairman

TWC is in charge of water supply throughout Taiwan, having significance impact on people’s lives and the economic development, and it is also an important indicator of the modernization of a nation. However, the threat of extreme climate has become normality and brought an increasingly difficult operating dilemma for water supply industry for that “sufficient quantity” is not controllable, making it even tougher to ensure “high quality”. In the face of such difficulties in operation in 2020, we made concerted efforts for the hard work and the results we have achieved are summarized as follows.
Looking back, 2020 has been a year full of challenges and difficulties. In the past year, Taiwan Water Corporation (TWC) had to cooperate with the anti-epidemic measures to provide stable water supply on one hand, and on the other hand, it was also faced with the severe drought caused by no typhoons in the wet season for the first time since 1964. The pressure of water demands, no matter for people’s livelihood water use or industrial water use, or even the fallow, was all on our associates at TWC. Thanks to the efforts from all our associates, we were able to complete various tasks and went through the year smoothly, achieving good performance at the same time.
1. We have completed a number of major projects as scheduled, including
(a)The Taoyuan-Hsinchu backup pipeline project and the expansion project of Yuandong Water Treatment Plant in northern region; (b) the water supply project of using the route via the downstream of Fuma Canal, the water supply project of the downstream of Niaozuitan Lake, and the expansion project of Shui-Shang Water Treatment Plant in the central region; and (c) the expansion project of Zengwen Water Treatment Plant, Tainan-Kaohsiung Joint Operation and Water Supply and Dispatching Project and the expansion project of water supply system in Pingtung Area in southern region to strengthen stable water supply throughout Taiwan.
2. Acceleration of the Water Leakage Reduction Plan
We have introduced international advanced leakage reduction strategies and technologies to handle various water loss reduction operations. In 2020, we have completed 818 km of pipeline replacement and established zoning metering networks in 407 zones, reducing the leakage rate to 13.90%, a 0.59% decrease compared with the 14.49% in 2019.
3. Promotion of Water Safety Plans (WSP)
We have conducted the identification, assessment and management of various risks from the water sources to the user end and implemented multiple barriers to ensure water supply safety. In 2020, the Environmental Protection Administration and the Environmental Bureaus of the city and county governments conducted random inspections of 10,230 cases to check the water quality, and the qualified rate of water quality reached 99.87%.
4. Innovative and convenient services and measures
We actively integrate digital marketing to speed up the promotion of advanced mobile services. The focus of promotion in 2020 included (a) strengthening mobile payment, (b) promotion of services without application forms, (c) starting the SMS based water billing services to save the public’s time, shorten the service process and further improve the quality of services.
5. Changes in organizational structure
In response to the needs for business development and policy promotion, the major structural changes in 2020 included (a) The launch of an Employee Training Park: The park was completed in December 2020, serving as a modern training park for the cultivation and development of human resources; (b) Establishment of the Pingtung Branch: The Pingtung Branch Preparatory Office was established on June 22, 2020 to handle related preparation work; (c) Establishment of a dedicated R&D Unit: The R&D Section is added to the Department of Public Works, aiming at increasing TWC’s competitiveness through R&D of technologies.

The water supply is becoming more challenging in 2021 because most of the reservoirs in Taiwan have dried up. Water supplies have to be cut off entirely two days a week in some cities and counties, and the stages of restriction on water use for people’s livelihood inevitably cause inconvenience in people’s lives, which may lead to more complaints. In the face of the impacts of epidemic and drought, it is imminent to have the backup system in place for water resource scheduling, which require the collective efforts from all our employees.
Faced with various operational challenges in the future, TWC will continue to uphold the forward-looking thinking for the sustainable operation of water supply and make an all-out effort to promote the following 5 major tasks, including (1) the acceleration of water leakage reduction, (2) the establishment of backup distribution piping, (3) the modernization of water treatment plants, (4) increase in the penetration rate of water supply, and (5) improvement of the quality of comprehensive services to establish an environment without water scarcity and to further achieve sustainable development of water resources.

Chairman of TWC Chairman of TWC
Updateing Date:2021-08-02 14:38