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Integrity and Legal Compliance

Corporate Governance Structure
TWS established the General Management Office and branches in accordance with the business objectives and development needs, and the business is promoted in the approach of “integrated management, divisional operations”. In addition to the planning, supervision and appraisal of the comprehensive system of rules, manpower and finance are also integrated. Currently, there are 16 departments and offices/centers including Dept. Of Planning as well as 12 branches and 3 engineering offices. The factories, institutes and teams affiliated to the branches are responsible for actual operations such as production, operation, maintenance, business and customer services. By the end of 2018, the regional branches are in charge of 27 water treatment plants, 41 services centers, 55 operations stations, 1 management center and 3 pipeline teams. There are sections, offices and external engineering offices in charge of the planning, design and construction of new expansion projects. There are a total of 359 units company-wide and the division of functions includes water purification, water supply, distribution and sale of water, and construction supervision.      

Composition of the BOD
The Board of Directors (BOD) serves as the highest governing unit of Taiwan Water Corporation. In accordance with Article 14 of Articles of Association, TWC has a total of 15 directors and 5 supervisors. The Board of Directors is elected by the shareholders’ meeting according to law, with the term of office of 2 years and can be re-elected. Among the directors, the Ministry of Economic Affairs appoints a representative recommended by TWC Trade Union to serve as a labor director, and at the shareholders’ meeting, 3 labor directors are elected. 

Professional Team and Committee
TWC is a state-owned institution affiliated to the Ministry of Economic Affairs. In addition to the establishment of the directors and supervisors in the board of directors, to enhance the operational efficiency of the board of directors and implement supervision and management, the Corporate Governance Committee and Land Transaction and Exchanges Review Team were also set up to improve the effectiveness of corporate governance and strengthen the composition and functions of the board.

Financial Performance
In terms of the revenues and expenditures and net profits, after the balance of revenues and expenditures, the net profit for the period was NTD 392.955 million, a net loss of NTD 343.377 million over the budget, and a surplus of NTD 736.332 million, mainly because of the increase in incomes from water supply and establishment of new water supply devices and the decrease of the costs of personnel and power expenses.
Updateing Date:2021-08-09 16:13