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Green Practice

Energy Use

According to statistics, the electricity consumption in 2022 was 990 million kWh. The GHG emission in 2021 was 507,549,632 kgCO2e, and the emission intensity was 0.156 kgCO2e/M3.To improve the energy use efficiency so as to effectively reduce power costs, all Branches and plants of TWC are asked to follow the TWC’s Key Points for Saving Power Costs and provide specific measures and review the implantation status. With the efforts made by all employees, the electricity consumption in 2022 reduced by 2.5% compared with 2021.

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Promotion of Green Energy
To cooperate with the government’s renewable energy promotion policy, TWC completed the installation of solar PV power generation equipment on the tops of 5 clean water ponds in 2018 first. In 2019, the Company continued to install such equipment on the roofs of 32 structures and 1 reservoir, which were completed in December, 2022. Solar PV power generation equipment was installed on the roofs of 25 structures in 2022.

Reducing Energy Consumption of Services

To encourage our customers to use of e-bills, we advocate it actively through print media, the website, publicity DM, Facebook, and paper bill envelopes. In addition, we also set up booths to publicize the e-bill business in the events held by local government agencies through our Branches. According to the Carbon Footprint Information Platform- Carbon Label Product Information in 2022, the use of every use of an e-bill can save 7.6g of carbon dioxide emissions calculated based on the carbon dioxide emissions.

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