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What are the causes of indirect contamination in household tap water usage?

Date: 2021/11/22

Often due to the inappropriate use or maintenance of water related equipment, household tap water becomes indirectly contaminated. 
The most common causes are:  

  1. When the water entry point of water containers (for example:buckets, flushing toilet reservoir, washing machine tc.) is lower than the highest water level. So when the water level is high, the entry point will be immersed in water, therefore causing a negative pressure. This in turn will allow contaminants to enter the tap water delivery lines, and possibly polluting the tap water around your home. 
  2. When pump motors are directly connected to the tap water pipe lines. This often causes vacuum pressure and back flow, which can contaminate tap sources.  
  3. When drinking reservoirs are connected multiple water sources (such as underground water), this can lead to contamination of the tap water.  
  4. When reservoirs are located down low, or when reservoirs located on rooftops are not well covered. This invites the possibility of rain or contaminated water entering the reservoir, and thus polluting the tap water. 
Updateing Date:2021-11-22 15:30