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English bill acronym & Cloud Invoice Notes

Date: 2021/12/06

SMR* SubMeter Register
MMR* Master Meter Register
MND* Ministry of National Defense
VAC* Veterans Affairs Council
PTPA* Preferential tariff of Protection Areas
OM* Operation & maintenance
WD* Waste disposal
SSC* sewage sewer Charge
WRCC* Water Resources Conservation and Compensation  Charge 
WPC* Water Pollution Control Fees
EI* Engineering improvement
PB* Prepaid Balances

1. Cloud Invoice Notes:
According to the implementation plans of the National Taxation Bureaus of the Ministry of Finance to promote the implementation of E-invoices for public utilities, TWC's water fee notice (or payment voucher) will issue a cloud invoice after the user water fee paid, giving you one more chance to win. Please keep the "Payment Voucher" properly and cooperate with the following matters:
(1). Invoice inquiry:
For the fees you paid, TWC will issue a cloud invoice within 3 days at the counter "at the time of collection" or after receiving the payment from the collection agency, and transfer the invoice transaction details to the E-invoice platform of the Ministry of Finance.
After the invoice is issued on the 25th of every single month, except for users who use a common carried id to request a cloud invoice or have donated to cloud invoice, TWC will actively send a winning notice.
TWC 's website ( "cloud invoice area" provides invoice related information query services.
(2). Winning prizes:
A. After payment, please keep the payment voucher properly. Winners can use this payment voucher to fill in the form and redeem the bonus within the award period from the awarding unit.
B. Winners who don’t have the payment voucher, please hold the current carried id to the multimedia machine (ibon, FamiPort, Life-ET and OK‧go) set by the four major supermarkets and enter carried type number to print the certificate of winning electronic invoice, and redeem the bonus within the award period from the awarding unit.
(3). For non-business users (individuals), please pay attention to whether the user's name on the Water bill (or Payment receipt) is correct, or if the Customer's Tax ID is listed, please tell us for change or cancel it to avoid affecting the award-winning rights.
(4). If you have any doubts, please contact our customer service line 1910. For E-invoices, please contact the National Taxation Bureau of the Ministry of Finance 0800-000-321.
2. Introduction to payment methods:
Besides the fees paid at TWC’s counters, before the due date, you can hold water bill to 7-ELEVEN, Family Mart, Hi-Life Mart, OK.Mart (including the water bill printed from the four major supermarket multimedia machine ), Simple Mart, Post Office, and water payment Banks (including mobile bank APP), Famer’s and Fishermen's Associations, Credit Cooperatives Union, etc. You can also scan the QR code of the water bill or enter the custoumer number connected to the e-counter of TWC’s website to pay by credit card, or pay with TaiwanPay, JKOPAY, Pi-Pay Wallet, LINE Pay (iPASS), ezPay, BeePay and Pay by Mobile APP.
Please read TWC's website / online services/ online payment / introduction to payment methods. If you pay by check at TWC’s counter, please notice that the payee should be "Taiwan Water Coporation Ltd. ○ Branch Office" and fill in ○ with the “1st~12th Branch Office” depending on where you location.

3. Charges calculation instructions
(1)Quick Calculation for Water Tariffs & Water Consumption Charges & Basic Charges of Different Tube Diameters (include the business tax) Please read TWC's website /customer services/meter reading/
Water use charge = unit price per degree × actual degrees-progressive difference.
Basic Charge = The basic charges according to the tube diameters.
Business Tax = (Basic Charge + Water use charge )÷(1+5%)× 5% .
According to laws & regulations, for general consumers, this tax is included
in the water consumption charges without being additionally listed.
(Ⅰ). For TWC's general, commercial, industrial, government and other water types, the unit price of each segment is the same, there is no discount.
(Ⅱ). The amount of water charge items has been increased to the second decimal place. However, in the calculation process, if the business tax mantissa is less than NT$ 1, it has been rounded and included in water charges when it doesn’t affect total water bill.
(Ⅲ).The basic charges of intermediate checkout and reuse are calculated on a daily basis, the water use charges are calculated based on the water period. If you have any questions, please contact customer service line 1910.
(2). Levy (expenses entrusted by TWC and remitted to relevant authorities after collection) rounded off if containing amount is less than NT$ 1.
Waste Disposal Fee = unit price verified by environmental protection authorities for burying or incinerating measures × exact consumption
Water Resources Conservation and Compensation Fee (Collected on
commission)=Water use charges(Business Tax not included) ×
Surcharge Rate 5%(Rounded off if containing amount is less than NT$ 1)
Sewage Sewer Charges= unit price (NT$5~NT$10) verified by Water Resource Bureau for sewage sewer × exact consumption
The above rates and related information are detailed on our website / customer services / meter reading.
(3) The total water charges shall be calculated in yuan. If it is less than NT$ 1, it shall be rounded up.
(4) The amounts on this bill are printed by machine. If it is found that it is not printed by machine or has altered writing, it will be invalid.
(5) Please check the customer number, address, name, etc. on this bill. If there is an error, please call our service office immediately.
(6) Please pay the water bill before the due date. Overdue payment is subject to the fees of delay payment in accordance with Article No.33 of the TWC’s Articles of Business. The standard for delay payment is: Delay payment is waived for those who pay within 7 days after the due date. Those who pay from the 8th day to the 14th day after the due date will be charged 1% delay payment of the payable water fee. Those who pay beyond the 15th day after the due date will be charged 2% delay payment of the payable water fee. However, if the fees of delay payment is less than NT$ 5, it will be calculated as NT$ 5. For details and payment methods, please refer to TWC's website, contact the local service office or customer service line 1910.
Updateing Date:2021-12-06 08:24