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Water Resources Conservation and Compensation Fees

Date: 2021/11/12

To maintain and conserve water resources, the government delimits lands in the water quality and quantity protection areas. But this act limited the land utilization of the residents of the protection areas. To realization the principle of “Beneficiaries Pay Expenses While Limited Gets Rewards”, the central authority-in-charge has enacted decrees to charge for water resources conservation and compensation fees.

2.The basis of additional charge for water resources conservation and  compensation fees attached with water bill:
According to Article 12-2 of the Water Supply Act, and the authorization by the central authority-in-charge (Ministry of Economic Affairs), additional charge for water resources conservation and compensation fees will start from January, 2006.

3.Payers charged and the percentage:
Households whose water supply from the water quality and quantity protection areas need to pay the water resources conservation and compensation fees. For each household = water consumption charge *additional charge 5%

4.Transfer the Extra Charge for Water Resources Conservation and 
Compensation Fees:
After collecting extra charge monthly, we need to transfer the fees to the central authority-in-charge (Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs) so that they can use it as a fund related to water resources, and use exclusively on water resources conservation and environmental conservation infrastructure projects, public welfare of residents in water quality and quantity protection areas, and compensation for landowners whose land use is restricted.
Updateing Date:2021-11-12 09:58