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Meter Reading

Water Meter Reading

Date: 2021/11/12

The Arabic numerals (Unit: m3) represent to progressive water consumption.
The number 1998 in the picture turning to 1999 means the water
consumption increases one unit.
The four red and round indicators respectively calculate the water
consumption (liter). The meter will show an accumulative calculation when the
water consumption hits 1,000 l. (1,000 l) = 1 unit. The water corporation will
read the arabic numerals on the top of water meter when doing meter
reading job. When the water is running, the red triangular indicator turns. The
speed of the indicator and the quantity of the water are in direct proportion.
If the water is stopped, yet the indicator keeps turning, there must be leaking
of the pipes. Inspection should be arranged any time soon so as to avoid
water bill being increased.
Updateing Date:2021-11-12 09:47