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Public Service White Book

Ⅲ.Quality controlled by heart

Date: 2021/11/12

“Quality controlled by heart” Ensure pure quality, provide water of excellent quality
1. Improve water efficiency management
 (1) Strengthen the use of existing water sources, increase the efficiency of water distribution,
      alleviate the pressure of water source development and prevent water waste.
 (2) Establish DMAs (District Metering Areas) to manage water loss, and enhance leakage
      repair efficiency.
(3) Replace high-potential of leaking pipes.
(4) In order to enhance the professionalism of water purification and increase production
     efficiency, we plan to conduct Operational Performance Evaluation & Enhancement,
     abbreviated as “OPEE” on a trial basis and commission an external consultant to conduct
     a study of “OKS.” By effectively managing the operation data of each water purification
     plant, we can improve water treatment and then increase productivity so as to achieve the
     aim of water-supply stability.
2.Improve the quality of drinking water
 (1) Strengthen the implementation of inspections and reports of water-source conservation
      districts and reservoir watersheds, to prevent all sources of pollution effectively and
      enhance the management, protection and conservation of headwater to ensure clean
      water sources.
 (2) According to the modernization plan of water purification equipment, Taiwan Water
      Corporation (TWC) installs various modern water quality monitoring instruments to meet
      the result. Especially, the source water pollution alarm system set to improve resilience of
      water supply and then ensure water safety.
 (3) Strengthen the water quality improvement project and upgrade the water quality plan to
       meet the quality standard for drinking water and provide high quality water.
  (4) TWC imports advanced technology and equipment so as to improve accuracy of water
       check data. All Labs of TWC Branches have been certified by the Taiwan Accreditation
       Foundation (TAF) in order to ensure laboratory QA/QC.
Ⅲ.Quality controlled by heart Ⅲ.Quality controlled by heart
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