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Public Service White Book

Ⅱ.Customer Satisfaction

Date: 2021/11/12

Customer Satisfaction----We provide services for you
1.One-Stop service window
Each service center implements case acceptance at one place and thorough service, set up full functional service clerk, and transact every application. To provide rapid and correct service, every office is available for online service systems, automating user applications with acceptance, payment and receipt collection done at single clerk.

One-stop Service:

Water Supply Equipment

.New Installation .Initiation .Termination .Suspension

.Restoration .Diameter Change .Remodeling Installation(Indirect,

    direct, epitope) .Temporary Consumption

.Switching Temporary Water Supply to General Water Supply

.Installment Payment for External Pipeline Construction

.New (Remodeling) Installation Payment (Refund), Deposit Payment


.Inquiry on Construction progress of water supply equipment


.Water Bill Payment (Refund)

.Water Bill Direct Debit or Cancel Direct Debit

.Military Discount .Water Bill Clearing

.Recover Water Bill for Illegal Water Consumption and Destroyed       


.Exemption for Internal Pipes Leaking


.Name Change (Transfer)

.Mailing Address Change .Consumership Change

.Payment Proof  .Total Water Consumption and Water Bill Inquiry 

.Water Supply Inquiry

.Commission Fee Inquiry

.Water Bill Increase Check, Leakage Notification

.Water Leakage Repairment, Materials Fee of Water Supply

    Equipment Repairment

.Calibration and Compensation for Water Meter

2. Acceptance for applications by phone
Promote a one call service, the TWC has set up special telephones for external services, and set up a free 1910 service lone to provide 24-hour personal answering service (The users of the TWC in Taipei City, please change the dialect 02-89780837). Users without water rate arrears can apply for transactions by phone, such as water usage transfer, suspension, restoration, as well as other applications, like payment proof, installation proof, and mailing address change. Applications mentioned above can all be completed by simply calling local service offices.

3.Multiple payment channels
In order to satisfy the needs of the user's diversified payment pipeline, the TWC provides counter payment, deposit payment, convenience store, financial institution payment, credit card debit, telephone voice transfer payment, internet payment, ATM payment, mailing payment, multimedia business machine of the convenience store, mobile payment, and so on.

Multiple payment channels Multiple payment channels
4.Simplify new users' applications
 (1) Shorten new users’ installation process deadline, concurrently processing internal pipe pressure test and external pipe designing. Shorten road-dig certificate issue time. Applicants can apply for road-dig certificates while being notified for payment with the commitment to complete the construction fee payment within 10 days after the notification.

(2) Process preview system for design blueprint of internal pipes. The construction can only be started after the examination by us to avoid afterward improvement and destruction for redoing because of the inconsistence with the standard which may cause not only the waste of time but the influence on building safety, whole appearance and water fetching time.

(3) To release new users’ installation fee, users away from the water supply pipes are to have be half charged for external pipes over 40 meters or to make payment in installments. For users whose pipes must go through private road, the water meters are agreed to be set up at proper place near our water supply pipes to shorten the external pipes.

(4) In accordance with the road broadening by the village, township office, and the city hall, encourage users on either sides of the road to apply for water fetching to reduce road repair fee.

5.Establish 1910 Call Center
In order to strengthen the communication channel with users, the TWC established a call center to provide the one-stop service. The public provides timely and professional services for the relevant opinions on various applications such as bidding, repairing leaks, waterless, and water quality and water charges.
Establish 1910 Call Center Establish 1910 Call Center
Updateing Date:2021-11-12 10:01