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Public Service White Book


Date: 2021/11/12

Foreword--Our business philosophy and service

The TWC is responsible for the water supply business (Except Taipei City and New Taipei City of the new store area and Yonghe District, and parts of the three districts of Sanhe, Zhonghe and Shuji), the water supplied by us has a strong relation with the public daily lives. To enable the consumer “drink safely and use without shortage”, we uphold the corporate philosophy of“QuICK,Quality,Innovation,Confidence,Knowledge”, and satisfied with the consumers demand for water, water quality and service quality.

Taking “Public Service White Book” as a sincere declaration to more than seven million consumers in Taiwan,our commitment:

“User satisfied” Respect user rights, follow user orientation, your gratification is the motivation of our service.

“Quality controlled by heart” Ensure pure quality, provide water of excellent quality.

“Water supplied for everyone” popularize water supply equipment, provide water of sufficient quantity.
Foreword--Our business philosophy and service Foreword--Our business philosophy and service
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