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Public Service White Book

Ⅳ.Water supplied for everyone

Date: 2021/11/12

“Water supplied for everyone” popularize water supply equipment, provide water of sufficient quantity.

In order to provide sufficient and good quality water, and satisfy the needs of water, our

company continuously builds water systems and maintains them.

  1. We develop water sources actively, strengthen water resources distribution, improve water shortage, and build water systems to satisfy the demand for water.
  2. In response to the development of society and economy and water demands increased, our company cooperates with Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs to promote the project of water resources development.
  3. In order to implement corporate social responsibility, we actively cooperate with the Government to promote the "Water Supply Improvement Project without Water Supply Area",  which includes accepting and implementing the water extension project and coordinating with the local government to deal with users' subsidies, thereby improving the water environment for the residents in remote area, and increasing the percentage of population served.

Updateing Date:2021-11-12 10:01