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Date: 2023/06/12

  TWC was founded on January 1st, 1974, which incorporated 128 water plants from all cities in Taiwan. The current water supply area covers the entire Taiwan region (except some part of Taipei city and New Taipei city). According to the Constitution of Taiwan Water Corporation, our missions are as follows:
  1. Providing public and industrial tap-water for Taiwan area.

  2. Developing tap water sources, constructing water supply facilities, and promote the tap-water popularity rate.

  3. Managing and investing water related business.

  4. Manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing food and drink.
  We regard the spirit of “What the society desires is always in our mind” as the philosophy, constantly keep it in mind to create value for relevant stakeholders, and are committed to the sustainable development in its economic, social and environmental dimensions.
Updateing Date:2023-06-12 11:24