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Water Loss Management

Water Leakage Reduction Plan

Date: 2021/08/09

A.Scope and Approach
Since 2013,TWC started to implement “Water Leakage Reduction Plan”(2013 ~ 2022) according to the 4 internationally common strategies:
a. Pressure management.
b. Speed and quality of repairs.
c. Active leakage control.
d. Asset management.
NTD 79,600,000,000 (self-help fundraising)
Reduce 5.3% leakage from 19.55% (year of 2013) to 14.25% (year of 2022).


1.To match-up “Infrastructure Expansion Program”, the gaol to reduce 5.3% leakage is expected to be accomplished by 2020 in advance.

2.The leakage is reduced to 15.03% by the year of 2018 in advance (Original goal in the end of 2018 was 15.25%).


To enhance the execution performance, the competent authorities (Ministry of Economic Affairs and State-owned Enterprise Commission, Ministry of Economic Affairs) formed a committee according to the order of Execute Yuan. This committee invites water professions and relative agencies to assist and to supervise the work, 15 meetings were held so far, and the annual goals of 2013-2018 were achieved every year.

D.Key of future work

Mid-term/ long-term goal according to the policies of “Removing barriers of business enterprises investment- the shortage of 5 issues”:

1. Reduce overall leakage to 10% by 2031.

2. Reduce average leakage to 10% for Chiayi, Tainan and Kaohsiung by 2022.

Journey Through Water Loss Prevention Journey Through Water Loss Prevention
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