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Water Conservation

Water Conservation Method(2)

Date: 2021/11/11

Water conservation for recycled water

  1. Locate rainwater saving facility on the roof to collect rainwater for watering plants, washing cars and flushing toilet.

  2. Overflowed water from swimming pools can be filtered and reused for damping sports  field.

  3. Companines, factories or schools should set up mid waterway system to regulate domestic wastewater up to certain quality standard for reuse in watering plants, damping sports field, cleaning restroom, or extinguishing fire.
Water conservation for recycled water Water conservation for recycled water
Water Conservation for Plant
  1. Watering plant in either morning or evening when there is less sunlight and evaporation.

  2. Choose plants which endure drought for gardening in separate areas according to amount of water needed, so as to adjust water usage.

  3. Water plants with estimated approximate amount.Dripping irrigating is the best approach for gardening, which is carried out by dripping each individual plant, or using low flow spray devise for the whole garden.
Use Low Flow Spray Devise Use Low Flow Spray Devise
Other Water conservation
  1. For car washing, use pipe with stopper or water basket along with sponge or mop for drying.
    Wash cars once a month to reduce water usage.

  2. Use dry powder instead of damping or steaming approach for carpet cleaning.

  3. The right steps for hand washing: damp hands with small amount of water, switch the tap, apply soap, message hands, wash with small amount of water, and switch the tap tight after use.
car wash car wash
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