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Leak Inspect

Waterless diagnosis at home, easy to handle by yourself

Date: 2021/11/12

Handling Methods
The stopcock in front of the water meter is closed
Turn on the valve in the counterclockwise direction.
he outlet valve is closed or does not work.
Turn on the outlet valve. If it doesn’t work, call the plumber to repair it.
The air is accumulated in the pipe after suspension of water supply or cleaning the water tower; it is hard for water to flow.
Turn on all faucets in the house to let out the air in water pipes.
There is an unidentified objects inside the water pipe
Call the plumber to fix it. If the water meter is blocked, please contact our local Service Center.
The inlet valve (or ballcock switch) is stucked.
Check the ballcock switch and try to pull ballcock two or three times. If it isn’t work, please call the plumber to fix it.
Stop water supply without paying water fee
Please contact our local Service Center.
Link to our official website or contact local Service Center to check if there is information of water supply suspension.

Updateing Date:2021-11-12 10:04