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Plans,Stat.&Res. Report

Business Strategy

Date: 2023/06/12

Strategic Objective

Business Strategy

Carrying out plenty volume and high quality, enhance our core capabilities.

  • Exploiting multiple water resource
  • Reducing water leakage
  • Setting back-up water pipelines
  • Expanding and improving the treatment facilities
  • Strengthening emergency response capabilities
  • Enhancing water quality management

Starting from our hearts, touch our customers.

  • Elevating all-round service quality
  • Increasing tap water popularity rate

Optimizing the organization structure.

  • Strengthening manpower allocation and inheritance
  • Energizing managerial innovation
  • Building up informational competitiveness

Net zero emissions.

  • Improving energy efficiency
  • Developing green energy
  • Promoting office environmental protection
  • Providing energy saving services
  • Strengthening green manufacturing and efficient using of resources

Increasing revenues and cutting costs, improve financial structure.

  • Increasing revenue
  • Cutting cost

Beautiful waters Beautiful waters
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