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Application Notice

Internal Line Diagram Preview

Date: 2021/11/12

Required Documents

The application form for the internal design drawing of water equipment is in triplicate.
A copy of the construction license (copy both front and back).
Construction start-up report
One copy of the electronic file (disc) of the internal drawing of the water equipment.
If the preliminary review is th same as preview, the construction number will be filled in the original design of the preview, and the review result column of the application review form states that the preview diagram of the water equipment internal chart is the same  as the preliminary review. And with the addition of the architect's big and small chapters, the preview work is completed.
If the design drawings of the water equipment are not sent to the preliminary review or the original plan is changed, the documents for submission include all the documents (1) to (4) and the first preliminary review (2) to (5).
Flowchart Flowchart
Updateing Date:2021-11-12 09:43