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Stable Water Supply Throughout Taiwan, TWC Calls on All to Cherish Water Resources

Date: 2022/06/24

According to the weather forecast of the Central Weather Bureau, June 2022 is still the East Asian rainy season (plum rain front) in Taiwan. With the front still hovering around Taiwan, there is a chance of localized heavy rain or extremely heavy rain. Generally in middle and late June after the front moves north to the Yangtze River, the weather in Taiwan gradually changes to summer-type weather. In July and August, when the Pacific subtropical high is in full swing, the weather is hot and sunny, with occasional thunderstorms in the afternoon. Meanwhile, the typhoons forming in the western waters of the North Pacific Ocean will start in July, indicating the approach of the typhoon season in Taiwan.
This year, with abundant spring rain and plum rain, the current water supply conditions are very good. As of June 21, 2022, the total effective storage capacity of the major reservoirs in the north, including Xinshan, Shimen, Baoshan, and Bao-Er, was 233.68 million tons (92.83% of the average storage rate), seeing an increase of 86.03 million tons compared to the same period last year. The total effective storage capacity of reservoirs in central Taiwan, Yongheshan, Mingde, Liyutan, and Deji was 339.5 million tons (98.56% of the average storage rate), an increase of approximately 221.85 million tons compared to the same period last year. In the south, the reservoirs in Zengwen, Wushantou, and Nanhua had an effective storage capacity of 408.97 million tons (average storage rate of 60.37%), an increase of 190.08 million tons compared to the same period last year.
In terms of the current water situation, there will not be a water shortage problem in the near future, and it is estimated that the water supply throughout Taiwan will be stable until the end of August 2022. However, there is still a need to remain vigilant and prevent water shortage issues due to sudden extremely heavy rains and high turbidity problems caused by typhoons in the summer and damage to water supply facilities. Therefore, in addition to making relevant preparations, Taiwan Water Corporation calls on the public to "conserve water now for future days without water" and to conserve water and cherish the use of water resources.

Taiwan Water Corporation, MOEA
Spokesperson: Vice-President Wang Ming-Xiao
Contact: 04-22244191 ext. 203  Mobile: 0912-116863
Contact Person: Director Chen Wen-Xiang, Dept. of Water Supply
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